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What is AMP?

Dental Practice Management Consulting with Results

Are all dental practice management companies the same? The answer is no. Not all dental practice management programs are created equal. While some consultants may offer similar methods, their consulting and management ends with a seminar, a binder, and an uneventful follow-up phone call.

Watch the videos to understand the differences!! AMP consulting provides a continual stream of comprehensive and powerful advice and energy to help drive the forward momentum in your dental practice. Results are guaranteed.

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AMP Seminars

AMP Dental Seminars are unlike any other dental seminar you have or will ever experience. The main reason is our process: while other organizations view the seminar as the entire course, we at AMP view the seminar as a cornerstone piece in the puzzle.
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AMP Consulting

Our AMP consulting packages are designed to address the specific needs and issues of your practice. We take the excitement and ideas from our dental seminars and bring them into your office to ensure that you can make the most of what you've learned, months and even years after!
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We understand that for you to truly Accelerate your Practice, it will take more than one day. That is why we offer our clients AMP TV: our weekly, online TV show featuring our dental coaches, to reinforce what you've already learned, introduce you to new topics and provide you with additional dental coaching.
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"I just finished my first month with a $15K increase.  I now can't be more than 90 days away from my dream practice.  How much fun has this been?"

- Dr. B

We help dentists grow their practices and achieve their dreams

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First AMP help increase my monthly production by 20%, then the next month another higher 20% . Reaching the highest production in one month  so far in 23 years in my practice. But more than that, AMP helped all my staff improve themselves through their unique approach. Thanks for the partnership.   Dr.Roger Fisher All Smiles Dentistry Lincoln, Nebraska

- Dr.Roger Fisher