A Complete Dental Practice Management System with Proven Results

Are all dental practice management companies the same? The answer is no. Not all dental practice management programs are created equal. While some consultants may offer similar methods, their consulting and management ends with a seminar, a binder, and an uneventful follow-up phone call.

Watch the videos to understand the differences! AMP consulting provides a continual stream of comprehensive and powerful advice and energy to help drive the forward momentum in your dental practice. Results are guaranteed.

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How We Help You Accelerate Your Practice


Create a Prosperity Mindset

Success in life or business comes down to two things: knowing what to do and doing it. The best training in the world won't help if you're not ready to learn it, so we use our Dental Seminars to put you and your team in the right mindset for success.
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Get The Training You Need

We help you attain your goals and continue down the path to success by focusing on simple, implementable goals. We’re confident in the training we provide; we know that your practice can grow by at least $100K.
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Stay Up To Date & Implement

To be truly successful in implementing our processes & achieving your goals, you need continued support. Our weekly online show, AMP TV, features our Dental Consulting Experts and keeps you motivated, months after you left our Dental Seminar!
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We help dentists grow their practices and achieve their dreams

"I just finished my first month with a $15K increase.  I now can't be more than 90 days away from my dream practice.  How much fun has this been?"

- Dr. B

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