With a new year upon us, new beginnings seem to be the major thoughts of many in early January. What has your past year looked like? Did you reach the goals you created? Why or why not? Did you even make goals for last year? Was it daunting to think of all the things you wanted to change? Did you get overwhelmed, then didn't even do one of them? If you are like most, this is the path most often walked.

If you set the foundation for your goals for 2015 by writing them down, working on one or two of them daily in small doses, through time, those goals will be achieved. The key is consistency, making that foundation strong so what you build your goals and dreams upon won't waiver. This takes time and can have a latency effect – wanting everything to be done yesterday! Slow motion, accountability and consistency will change anything through time. Add patience to the recipe and you have your new beginning!

Google compiled a synopsis of what people searched for in 2014.

We searched for:
Hope more than fear
Science more than fiction
We searched for love, people and their greatness
We searched
to make sense
To remember
To be inspired......

Whatever you focus on, you are going to get, especially if you focus on it for the long haul! What are you focusing on? Are you overwhelmed by all the change you desire to make yet you don't know where or how to start?
How do you get started on setting goals? What do you value the most? Do you want to work less hours and produce more? Do you want to be home more with your family? Do you want to take more vacations? What is your true value and ultimate vision you are trying to visualize?

As author of, Start With the Why, Simon Sinek drives home the bottom line of why we do what we do. If we know why we want what we want, the WHY will ultimately bring out our passions, desires and real goals. What is your Why? Why do you want what you want? What drives your motivations, desires, goals? What is it that holds you back to start the needed change in your life so you CAN achieve your goals, dreams AND retire on your terms. Or, work less hours and produce more? Or, spend more quality time with your loved ones? Or, whatever it is that you are not doing? What is it that is really holding you back? Is it fear? Why? If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to answer these hard questions and start the needed New Year's Change that will get you to your goals and dreams!

Remember, the latency effect – slow, steady, consistent...