3 Most Important Things to Watch Within Your Dental Office

There a three areas of your Dental Practice that absolutely must be managed impeccably. By managing these areas you increase profitability. Most Dentists have a tendency to focus on New Patients in hopes of achieving the goal of profitability. In fact, having new patients is not always the resolution. The 3 most important systemic areas of your Dental Practice are: Cash Flow, Hygiene, and Case Acceptance. Let's discuss how each area impacts your profitability.

Cash Flow affects your Dental Practice in an imperative way. This area must be managed in a healthy manner. The adage from every business school is "Cash is King." Without great cash flow, not much else matters within a dental office. The two best places to examine the health of the dental practice from a cash flow perspective are, Outstanding Patient Balances and Outstanding Insurance Claims. This is where all of your cash flow comes from. Watch these reports regularly!!

The next Systemic area is Hygiene. Once your capacity number is determined. You set and maintain a certain Hygiene goal. Each Hygienist can only see a certain number of patients per day each month. Your goals must coincide with the realistic number of patients able to be seen. Without a full hygiene schedule, the doctor's schedule will tend to fluctuate highly and cause great stress. Keep the hygiene schedule full and you won't struggle as much in the next area, or at least it will be easier.

Case presentation must be clearly and concisely offered for the "YES" response to occur. The "YES" is happily accepted by the "Happy" patient who feels valued and understands their treatment needs. In some practices, they rush the treatment explanation, in others they get so technical the patients struggle to understand. There needs to be a balance between both extremes. You spent years learning your profession but your success will parallel your ability to build strong relationships with your patients.  If your patients truly understand how they will benefit from accepting your treatment recommendations, they will go to great lengths to find the money to pay for it.

In conclusion, keep in mind that your goals can be achieved by having a process built to manage all three areas. By understanding the importance of Consistency in your daily production you will see a more leveled balance necessary to manage your cash flow. This will provide less stress and an ultimate feeling of progress as you reach those goals as well as others within your Dental Practice.


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