Work gets hectic and we all know it. We try hard to prepare for the stress that can hinder our best results, but it doesn't always work out as planned. Here are a few tips for reducing that stress and bringing positive energy into your workday. And remember, reducing stress takes practice, so make these tips a daily part of your routine.

1. Start with a positive thought

When you find yourself in a stressful mood, you need to hit the reset button in your brain and go to a positive thought. Think about the things you like about work, and the fun elements that can come with working around a team of people. Look for those moments throughout your day that are good, so you can remind yourself of them in the future.

2. Know how to focus

Workloads can get extremely overwhelming at times, and it can feel as if you are never going to dig yourself out. But when you can pinpoint a place to focus, then you can make the task much more manageable, and you will find that your goals are actually very achievable.

If you have so much to do that you don't even know where to start, grab a pad of paper and start writing everything down that you have on your mind. Then break all of the tasks down by priority and size. The largest tasks can be broken down into even smaller, bite-size pieces. Then pick a starting point, and get the first task done.

Once you have completed one of the jobs on the list, you'll find an immediate boost in confidence. Move on to the second task and start checking more and more off your list.

3. Tidy up your workspace

You can make your day more stressful than it needs to be when you have a cluttered workstation. It's frustrating when you have to continually stop and search for things before you can complete the task at hand. This is something that is great to do everyday for a few moments right after lunch. This gives your body and mind a simple activity while your food settles. Plus, it gives you momentum to keep moving forward through the afternoon since your work area is more functional.

4. Do the toughest jobs first

When you spend your workday dreading a phone call or having a confrontation with someone, it can affect the rest of your tasks, and create unnecessary stress. Rather than let a task loom over you like a rain cloud all day, get it off your plate as soon as possible! The more difficult tasks you address right away, the less stressful the rest of your day will get.

5. Treat yourself well

It may be time to skip the heavy burger at lunch and go for a grilled chicken salad, or to take a walk instead of sitting in the break room for a half hour. Getting enough sleep, exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will do wonders for your stress levels. And when you feel good, then your workday will be much more pleasant.

Schedule time in your day that is all for you, so you can work on your health and get some rest. Trust us, you'll appreciate the extra focus and energy you get from a little 'you time', when you treat yourself well.

Stress in the workplace is largely inevitable, but it's not impossible to deal with! Don't let stress breed into negative emotions and poor performance, take steps to reduce it as soon as possible and foster a positive working environment in your practice!