Why do people make changes? How can we utilize this when it comes to our dental patients, our partners, our team members, etc.

"People don't buy products, they buy better versions of themselves." (http://bit.ly/1udyiSF)

There's so much to be said here. The challenge we see is that when we talk to patients about dentistry, we tend to focus on the feature and the benefit. Before we go any further we need to identify the difference between feature and the benefit.

The feature is the thing, the benefit is what it does to someone.

Think about what you're focusing on in your dental practice as you present to your patients. Imagine you have a patient come in and you're prepping to talk to them about an implant supported denture, and after you present they end up saying they'll take the denture because it's cheaper and they can't afford the implant. Now, did you present the implant supported denture or focus on the benefit of the implant? Connect the dots for the patients, because they may not know what they're saying No to by suggesting the latter.

By educating your patients and providing them with the benefit of the product you're guaranteed to get a better response from patients. Some people just don't understand the features and once we realize that people what to be better versions of themselves, we will open up a whole new chest of opportunities. Not only for the dental practice, but for the patients.

What about your team? Are you offering your team members a better version of themselves? Are your team members inspiring other team members, patients, peers and your boss? Having the conversations with people close to you about their dreams and not settling, is offering them an insight on possibilities they may not know the benefit of.

A lot of people nowadays look at decisions their making a face value, we look at that immediate features that can benefit it us NOW. Let's start having those conversations about the benefits of the decisions we make.

We can choose to enjoy the challenging road or we can choose not to.
Let's take the road less traveled and start sharing the benefit with everyone around us.

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