Dear Doctor,

I need to get something off my chest. I need to share a revelation with you that one of my doctors had during our dental coaching visit yesterday when he warned you to be careful. To be careful of committing to AMP and having a dental coach due to the profound change it will create in your life. What this doctor shared with me was "Be careful because once you go with AMP there's no turning back...

your life will be forever changed. If you don't want to change your life and you're content with doing bare minimum average and never growing then don't do AMP because AMP will change your life; not only in your business but in your personal life as well; and you will wake up tomorrow a better person every single day. So, when you're ready to make that change you want for yourself talk to Darren; he will help change your life on your terms; only when you're ready."

So, let me level with you Doctor. At AMP we have high expectations. We follow standards of exceeding care for our patients, your staff, and most importantly for you and your practice. When I first start coaching my boss man, our CEO Darren Kaberna, shared with me that in order to coach it we must live it. Please keep in mind your life is not the only one being changed here. You know...that whole ripple effect starts from the leader and works its way down. Just as poor attitudes spread like cancer through a practice so does positive mentality, laughter, hope, and change in fact, it is absolutely infectious and when these spread from you to your team to your patients be careful because you must be ready. Be ready to answer challenging questions. Be ready to show your coach and team vulnerability. Be ready to play full out and be held accountable. Like Dr Martinez shared yesterday we create profound lasting change but it only occurs when you take responsibility and play full out. This is the aspect I'd like you to grasp right now so we can get you those profound results that much quicker.

We love to teach in the art of delighting our patients through wow factor experiences. Just as I want to blow your expectations away as your dental coach I expect you to do the same for your patients; every patient every time. I understand that other traditional "consultants" haven't worked for you in the past. I understand that often times the biggest growth both personally and professionally is produced out of some fairly uncomfortable situations- some hard to have conversations if you will. I also understand that the result of that growth, often times both personally and professionally, creates the catalyst for delighting you, our client, and providing a wow factor experience. So, what's the catch? The catch is it will not work until you play full out hence the warning above from Dr. Martinez. You will not see lasting change until you take action whether that be in committing to weekly coaching calls, executing assigned tasks from your coach, or leading your team. The good news is we are extremely well versed in helping steer you towards those break throughs. We are not afraid to have a hard conversation with you, wear our heart on our sleeve, and give you a loving nudge for that break through; but only when you're ready to wake up being a better person every single day.



Watch Dr. Martinez's advise by clicking here!


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