The challenge with accountability is no one wants to be accountable! Look at our recent political climate. Pass the buck, point the finger, blame, blame, blame. Is this how it works in your Dental Practice? Is this the mindset?

Look at those that function the best, accountability is huge. Look at the companies that run the best. They have great understanding as who does what, who is in charge, who is responsible and if something is not done, they have a go to person to ask why or how come.

One of the biggest challenges with accountability is what are we focusing on? So many focus on the outcome. Although this is a great thing, we have little or no control over the outcome if our process is not fully addressed. The process is 100% controlled. The challenge with accountability is we want the outcome but we are not willing to be accountable to the process. When the process is controlled, the outcome is achieved. Most of us spent our energies on the outcome when we have more control over the process. Is this you?

   Process ->->->->->->-> Outcome

100%                                 0%

Most people put the focus on the outcome. How much control do you have over the outcome? For example, if you wanted to lose 30 pounds, your outcome, what process must you address to achieve the outcome? If the process is not the focus, you will not lose the weight you desire. You have 100% control over the process which will achieve your outcome. If you just focus on the outcome, will your goals be achieved?

If better oral health is your outcome, are you willing to floss every single day (the process) to achieve the goal (the outcome). Without the process, can the outcome be achieved? The process side is where you have huge amounts of control. Does the outcome without the process get you to your goal? Maybe. Does focus on the process help you achieve your goals more realistically? Odds are better with better results.

If you massively focus on the process of what you want to achieve every single day, the outcome odds are so much better and quicker.

How does this look in a day to day dental office? Do you greet your patients with their name each and every time they come through the door? How hard is this? How many people come through your door at 10am? One, maybe two. If you focused on greeting everyone by their first name every patient every time, what are the odds your outcome is achieved?

Who on your team are active participants in helping your business grow? Imagine what a team could do if we all always had each other's backs. Imagine if we were all accountable to help the business grow. What would that look like to you?


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