Alex Nudel, founder of Revenue Well is in the studio with us! He's been in the dental field fireboat 20 years as a practice owner, as a manager, and administrator. With that brief introduction, lets dive right in!

Darren Kaberna: Tell us how revenue well evolved.
Alex Nudel: I am a dreamer, I've used other systems before. Basically the other systems had different bits and pieces and different ways to connect with patients. We decided that we were going to build out an 'All-In-One' application that allows us to to reach out to our patients in many different ways. My biggest challenge was, we were doing so much work that the whole team, front desk and assistants putting information into the system. The only thing we could use out of that was pulling up a lot of information kind of quick in front of the patient, I really wanted to do a lot of data mining... We actually had to build it ourselves.

Alex Nudel: As an administrator, we get our doctors going to all different kind of conventions and study clubs. When they come back they all have these big huge changes that they want to implement, it's always been tough. What we've found out is that there are a bunch of little things we can do right away to implement things when we come back to work on Monday that really make a huge difference. Data mining is the best thing, putting Revenue Well in the position to know exactly what is going on with your practice and what needs to happen next. So we are this amazing implementation tool!

Darren Kaberna: So run an scenario by, for those who may not know Revenue Well, a high level scenario of you have this ability to accomplish this outcome?
Alex Nudel: Three things Revenue well does extremely well, 1. New Patient Acquisition 2. Patient Retention? 3. Treatment Acceptance. Treat Acceptance has been the biggest challenge in anyones practices. The average practice has 50% treatment acceptance, and if you're a million dollar practice that means we have a million dollars of 'the cracks' in the practice. Which means theres a million dollars of diagnosed treatment that has not been accepted. We do really well in getting the treatment after the patients say "No", we go after that treatment with patient education videos with possible links to finance options and we make Dentistry affordable again., By educating the patients on why they should come in and get the treatment instead of waiting.

Darren Kaberna: How does Revenue well differ? You guys have tracking built into this, describe that because I think that's a very important distinction.
Alex Nudel: So number one when you're presenting a treatment plan the chances are you're sitting in front of a computer monitor, you're showing intramural camera pictures, you're showing patient education, you're doing co-diagnosis and all of that is over once the patient leaves. So, we continue that visual affect and trying to get that patient back by sending out the appropriate information to the patient at the appropriate time. Once that goes out, we know who read it and who actually scheduled and what they have done. Ultimately, once the patient comes back Revenue well can say that once the campaign went out we got a certain amount of revenue.

Darren Kaberna: This gives you the ability to track and see, come up with an ROI calculator for this campaign vs this campaign and make an educated decision about which one I like the best and do I want to change them? Whats the best way to explain this to someone, when talking to a different company? What would be a good question to ask another vendor?

Alex Nudel: Here's a scenario, end of year insurance benefits. The other companies say "Hey we will be able to get that information out, we will create a list of all the people who have insurance and blast them." Revenue Well goes a step further, number one, when you send out mail it's almost impossible to calculate the ROI, Revenue Well can target a specific group of people. We can say anyone who has a certain amount of money left on their insurance balance, "Use it or Lose it" campaign, we can track that when they come in just to see if its working. Or we can do a custom campaign and go after certain particular codes that you may have treatment plans for, so end of the year insurance that mostly brings in hygiene at the end of the year where we have nowhere to put them. We can go after specific treatments based off of codes, for example crowns.

Darren Kaberna: The brilliance of this is that I can pull just a code, a code with a date range to it. So this allows me to be very hyper focused and relevant to the patient rather than just throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

Alex Nudel: We were able to say you know what we're not waiting for you patient, we're going to go at our convenience. We did two things with it, 1 we increase our production for our August already, and 2 we are able to build out a September schedule as well

Darren Kaberna: What are some of the other awesome things that are coming down the pipe from Revenue Well either recently if someone has it and maybe hasn't kept up the enhancements or some cool things that are coming in the future that you might be able to share with us?

Alex Nudel: Darren, let me ask you a question. Do you recommend everyone having a morning huddle?
Darren Kaberna: Absolutely.
A. So create the perfect morning huddle, you need a lot of information. You literally have to go from chart to chart to chart to look at the patients that may be missing a future appointment in hygiene, maybe their family members don't have one that are maybe under the age of 18. Anybody that has a balance, a treatment plan that is ending, anyone that is missing an email or a cellphone. It takes a long time to actually sit down if you have 20/30 patients on a schedule to produce. So revenue well has created a morning huddle for you, to where on the appointments tab all you have to do is go to the right, print it out and it will give you all of the information you need to capture while they are in the office. It saves a lot of time and is nice for the people who run the font desk. That has been really awesome for us...... We all have to be ready for that day (the morning huddle), and unfortunately we do it the day of and sometimes things just slip through the cracks even on that. So, we're helping the front desk identify what's needed for the day and it just becomes a much smoother and happier place when you have that information right in front of you. A lot of the docs are looking at it from the day before, because we're getting the information way in advanced and their getting what they need to get accomplished. So, that's one of the greatest things we're just getting released of course being able to fill the chair time. Sometimes we have last minute cancellations, Revenue Well has an ASAP list so you can drop a patient in, the new part is being able to identify what it is. Whether it's hygiene, restorative appointment, how long of the appointment do they need to be done, so if there is a last minute cancellation you're able to reach out to the right patients who are trying to get in sooner or that fit that particular chair time and procedure.

Darren Kaberna: 

The theme I continue to hear out of Revenue Well is laser focus, laser focus, laser focus, and it's an amazing awesome tool to have from that perspective. What other brilliant invites can you share with us?

Alex Nudel: One of the things we have is an optional phone call, but 80% of Revenue Well users would like to get a text or an email or both. So we're able to do those three things at the same time if you want, we can reach the patient in their pocket because sometimes their just not able to take a phone call. Especially if 80% of the practices have 80% of their patients under insurance, so their working, their working the same times we are. So hitting them on their cell phones has been a great thing for us. One of the greatest things we launched recently is our social media campaign. As I travel the country, we're looking at these peoples Facebook and they don't' use them because sometimes they don't know what to put on them. We've created a campaign library, it takes about 20 seconds to find content, humor, informational, etc. We are presetting, twice a week a social media campaign to condition the patients that you have over there to come and enjoy their interactions and want more than you. Including being able to feature right on your timelines, reviews. A lot of people are boosting these reviews to increase patient acquisition. 

Darren Kaberna: What other insites can you share with us today?

Alex Nudel: Do you think any of your clients would like free Google Marketing?
Darren Kaberna: I would say they'd probably love it.
Alex Nudel: Well we have implemented the Youtube channel on most of our campaigns... The internet is built on videos, so by putting Youtube videos and leading your patients to your Youtube channel you can really talk about all of your digital technology, you can talk about the services, you can talk about your purpose. For instance it's been very difficult to drive people to your Youtube channel, we do it right off the bat. From the time that the patient finds you, get scheduled we have a great welcome package and with that package we do a welcome video. Once they see this welcome video they become familiarized with a lot of the people that are in this office, see the staff, see the technology.... One of the things we miss tremendously is that we are misunderstanding what personal communication is today and we're also misunderstanding what patients time value is. So, because we value their time we need to tell them that while you are in the office and you made it here you should look at the things prior too. We use that for the holiday's, happy birthdays, postal construction. Postal construction is kind of cool, we can say look we extracted your tooth and we can make sure that an implant is the next step. That next step is something that is very important, and even though most of the staff do talk about it but to reassure them in a post-op video that their next step is an implant, and the rest of the stuff that you do is going to be amazing!... It's a way to tell their story.

Darren Kaberna: The more you can find a way to connect with your patient, to share your Why, why you're inspired to do dentistry, why you and your team are inspired to do dentistry, why you want to change lives and that it's a greater gift then just a patient. I think the deeper the connection and loyalty will be.

Alex Nudel: Half of our dentists don't market to their patients, or market at all. So the tool is designed to be a patient care tool. Just think about it, you Dr. Kaberna go ahead and tell somebody "Hey you need a crown" but once they leave you never call them you never send them mail, how important is that and where is the value? Think about it you're purposing the dentistry, you're not going after emergencies most of the time emergencies are only 25% of our business. Ultimately, when they come in we diagnose them for something that isn't hurting, bleeding infected, but thats what we're trying to prevent and thats when it gets extremely difficult to try and get that message across and we have been getting extremely good at it! 

Alex Nudel: I want people to know that we are truly helping them do better dentistry, the way that they want to. As i travel the world, I'm seeing our Revenue Well dentists really step it up and get exactly what they want accomplished by getting their patients back in and by getting them to say yes to treatment, accepting treatment in a much different way. Being better at their game.

Darren Kaberna: How can we help the patients get healthy, if we can help the patients get healthy we know that the economics will solves its self. The challenge is that often economics appear to be a road block to patient health and the more we can make that easier whether it's through building relationships, or more affective communication. The better our odds are of getting our patients healthy.

Alex Nudel: They have become big business people because of people like you who are going out and really training them to start thinking, and not just now but where I'm going to be a year, 5 years, 10, years 20 years and that's what everyone should start doing. It's a lot of small things that you do on a daily basis that make the biggest difference.

The interview gave us great insight as to what is up and coming for Revenue Well as well as some of the tools that are currently in place to be implented in your practice. If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to AMP or Revenue Well! 

Alex Nudel Interview

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