An Interview with Andy Cleveland, the AR Ninja! Today we're going to focus on how to improve revenue cycle and AR issues.Andy Cleveland specializes in the AR sector of dental practice management, which is everyones favorite topic! The entire goal is to give dentists ideas on how to become more profitable, developing strategies to help reduce AR and ultimately making them happier and healthier.


When talking to Andy, we identified What are the top 5 priorities when it comes to business philosophy? The way AMP sees it is, the top 5 are Cash flow, Hygiene Flow, Perio, Case Acceptance and lastly it's Marketing. When you look at those, AR is included in that first most important thing.

With that being said, we took away some key points in this interview with Andy, check out what we learned!

Where should a practice be with their AR, what is acceptable for outstanding?

"Most of the experts are going to agree that somewhere between a half to a months of production, if that's exceeded than they're carrying too much AR."

"Some practitioners say 2-3% is too much, others have 20% on their books and they don't think its a big deal. I'd say it's more individual response as far as what their perspective is as far as whats fare or whats too much."

If you don't expect your staff to collect at the time of service, than most likely they're not going to be focused on it and their just going to let the patient walk out of the door. We need to make sure that the expectations are clear of our staff and then relayed to the patients.

There are so many opportunities that are squandered, and it does come back to the culture and the expectations.

What tools or techniques do you find on how we can stop the problem or how do we unwind the problem?

"Prevention is superior. Doing anything you can to collect from the patient today is key. So that's proper verification of Insurance and Benefits, making sure you have a good estimate, and making sure that your staff actually asks for the money."

"Train your staff and set that expectation on the front end. On the back end, anything you can do to be creatively different will help. How do most businesses bill? If you bill monthly, you're grouped in the category with everyone else in town. Phone bill, car insurance, etc. and what do you think they're going to pay first? Anything you can do to be different, do it! Make your bill stand out a little more."

What percentage of practices have an online portal to pay their bills online?

"Less than10%, I encourage all dental offices to have that ability for a patient to pay online. The patients are just a s busy as you are. Make it easier and more accessible for them to pay that bill! This reduces any uncomfortable situations between staff members and patients."

Does it make sense to offer patients a deal to get their balance cleaned up?

"I'm not oppose to it, if it's in the best interest in the practice. If you're going to give up a significant amount of money, to someone else and alienate the patient. I'd say doing anything you can to avoid the confrontation of having to use a collection company is fantastic. Ultimately, you want to keep the patient."

In the event someone is watching this and they're looking for a good collection agency, what would you say?

"You want to make sure any collection company that you talk to is licensed. Ask them what states they are licensed in. Making sure your agency is licensed, ideally nationwide. Secondly, talk to your peers. Utilize your connections, ask your CPA and people in the industry. Trust and verify. Make sure to ask if they have experience in the industry, have they worked with dental practices before? Lastly, people value what you pay for."

My guess is that if viewers would call Andy and get some coaching from you, through your organization. They'd know exactly how to approach and perfect the conversation. Get advice from someone that is an expert.

"Be active in looking for resources to help. Don't go in all alone. Dentistry is tough enough. There are certain times where it makes since to use partners to help you. Engage in other partners."

If you have any questions at all about what you can do to improve this area, feel free to reach out to Andy Cleveland Directly. Email: Phone: 864.517.2233




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