What are you emotionally committed to? Your dental team, your dental practice, your family, your kids your marriage?


Most people think they are emotionally committed until a life circumstance occurs and the outcome becomes a new view. For example, an allegedly committed father is enjoying the company of his child in the lobby of a shopping mall. Father and son converse about something on Dad's phone and he continues to look at his phone. Moments later, Dad looks up to find his son is GONE!! What happened? Dad goes into a panic and becomes frantic. Moments later he looks up to see his son moving down an escalator holding the hand of a stranger. He runs to his son to cease him who appears to be quite happy and begins scolding him! Who is at fault here?

Sometimes we don't know that we are lost until we are found!

We can we do to be totally committed as a team and what if we practice there behaviors, mindsets, skills and actions relentlessly? What would the end result be? What kind of bonus could you imagine would be yours? Don't stop until you get your desired outcome! Be on time for work! Don't show up, punch in, fix your hair, brush our teeth, apply make-up, and eat breakfast on the clock! Walk into your office a though you are on stage and the sign is flashing above the door, "It's ShowTime!!" How will you feel all day long if you insist on this emotional mindset each day?

Lasting impressions are critical to impact. What do patients see when they enter your practice? Do you have it "all together" such that patients may readily observe this? Are we emotionally committed to providing excellence at every opportunity within the practice? What are you as an individual and as a team committed to provide? What does it mean to be the "best" and what do you do to prepare?

Set aside time as a team to objectively set goals that you can and will be committed to until completion. Create benchmarks and measurable finish lines.

Celebrate your success daily starting with a positive happening from yesterday!

"How you do anything is how you do everything!"

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Emotional Committment

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