Every member of the dental team plays a role in keeping the office motivating but as the doctor, there are more eyes on you. Have you let your team slip through your fingertips and you constantly find yourself looking for ways to keep them motivated and loving their job?! You're thinking too much about it! Lets break this down for you. 

Team incentives are very important in a productive and successful work environment.  To start, let’s take a look at what works and what does not.  The first type of incentive that does not work is the one that has a long duration before the team is to receive a reward.  The 6 – 12 month plan is an example of what may cause most teams to show a lack of interest in the end goal. It is imperative that the doctor put an immediate end to any incentive plan that turns to one of “entitlement.”  If any staff member begins to say anything such as, “We deserve” or “We should have…” this is immediate grounds for dismissal of the incentive plan!  It is a clear sign that it is no longer working.

Examples of incentive plans that do work are ones that have value to the team.  Ask your team what they would like as an incentive.  By asking, this does not mean that you will necessarily choose what they request.  It will give you an inside view of their thoughts and wishes.  Ask what they are willing to do “extra” to achieve a fair and equitable bonus.

Some short term bonus ideas can include setting a goal for:

The reduction of “X” amount of accounts receivable over 90 days 

Bonuses can be gift cards, cash, a paid day off during the holiday time period, or something as simple as a nice lunch delivered to the office from a favorite team restaurant.  

One plan that worked superbly was an end of month 3 day bonus that included producing an additional $10,000.  The doctor was absolutely shocked once he announced the “3 days from now bonus” at how the team pulled together in such a short time to each earn a $100. gift card of their choice.  

Never estimate what your team can do!  Keep it short and sweet!


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