Do we set ourselves up for failure or Not? Should we make resolutions or not? Shouldn't we complete all the resolutions we've made in our past before we make new one's? Do you think New Year's Day is the best time for resolutions? Your waking up hungover, had way too much to drink, covered in cool whip, stayed up way too late. -- Is your dental team keeping up with their goals, resolutions and desires?

When you're deciding on resolutions or goals this New Year season, really think about it. What goal could you set that has the most leverage on yourself? The most important step is to get leverage on yourself to successfully complete one's resolution. Figure out, why do you want change? What would it feel like, smell like & taste like? Make it a MUST! What is the compelling reason for the change? If we don't make it a must, odds are of them coming true are very small.

If you're at the point where you need to make change NOW. The only thing to do is Identify DIFFERENTLY! Flip the way you think. Instead of identifying yourself as smoker change to I don't smoke. Language is one of the biggest factors to succeeding and believing that you can. 

Tell yourself there's NO escape path. ITS this or nothing else. Break pattern's, change identity & associations. Replace action with something new or you will have void. If you replace time with new pattern like walking instead of eating, then you changed your association.

Find support system & watch your proximity. Have enough leverage, change associations, patterns and visuals. Have strong compelling reason. HOW & WHY! Measurable goals. Create deadline therefore that creates urgency.

Create "The Why" I want to play with my kids and keep up with them. Change behavior & change identity. Have the compelling reason, take ownership? Enjoy your freedom, make clear plan, look at your list daily, weekly & monthly then your odds of success increases. Support from your family, friends, co-workers creates accountability.

Good luck on your Resolution, Goals or Plans. Remember, just find your "WHY" then you will have your reason for celebration.

Watch the show, and find out for yourself if you're setting yourself up for failure!

D. Mountain


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