Having a dental practice vs. having a brand. Do you have a brand? Is branding your dental practice really important? Do you know how to develop a brand, if you dont have one? If you do have one, does your dental team support your brand and it's mission?Branding is very important in that it's an easy way to let the public know what you stand for. You are essentially advertising yourself and your practice to potential new patients through your brand. There are a lot of people out there searching for a certain type of dentist. How great would it be to let them know right from the start what you're about?



If you are a family dentist for example your website/brand should reflect that. Have reviews of your practice that have mentioned the family environment appeared front and center on your website? Perhaps the website has pictures of children and/or pictures of the kid friendly operatories in your office. Ask Yourself, "What do I want my practice to stand for?" Do you think that is how the public currenly preceives you? How can we get the two to align?

We are going to dive into how to ensure your brand is recognizable to the public and to your patients. It is a very customizable process and there are many different ways to go but it all starts with your vision. Do you want to be known for staying on time? For being a family oriented office? For being an easy going & fun office? Once you've decided which direction you want to turn you'll need to make sure your brand reality will fit with your brand promise. For example, if you wanted to be an easy going fun office but you have a staff of nice, but mostly serious employees, do you think that your brand reality is going to fit your brand promise? Probably not. Backing up that promise is what will keep your brand active, consistent, and building that trust with the public that you are who you say you are, and after all, what's more imprant than having your patient's trust. 

Lastly, it's important to remember as your developing or modifying your brand promise that not everyone will not be a good fit for you brand and that is absolutely ok. There is a certain percentage of the population that is only driven by cost. It wouldn't matter to them if you provided the best dentistry on the planet, if it's not the cheapest, they wont wont it. Don't focus your efforts on pleasing everyone, instead focus it on the rest of the population that is open to persuasion!

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