We find so many people have these stories in their heads that they project onto their patients. Are you guilty of projecting onto your patients? Assuming their situation or the outcome of the appointment? Here is how to get out of that funk, out of that mindset. Honestly, you'll be surprised with your case accpetance if you do. 

Let's talk about 3 specific common stories in the Dental Industry.

Story 1:

"They can't afford this."

Stories such as someone saying "I have the hardest time, when I put myself in the shoes of the patient and I have no idea how they can afford five crowns." What is the story of? Personal judgment, the story of fear, what is that story of?

If we assume a patient can't afford it and as a result we don't offer the procedure we risk a lot, such as the relationship with that patient, trust, etc. As an example a Doctor being in the mindset of "they can't afford this" only offers 1 filling when they need 5, is doing a disservice to the patient. 6 months from now when that patient comes in, they're now going to need 5 crowns. That appointment just went from $1500 to a $5000 appointment.. What has happened here is that the Doctor is projecting onto the patient and at the end of the day, the patient is suffering from cost and the doctor is suffering from a lack of production, and a possible loss of a patient.

Telling yourself a story, isn't helping anybody. Not the patient, not the doctor. When you stop projecting, case acceptance goes up, holes are filled in schedules and production increases.

How do you break the story?

Tell the patient what you see, treat them like a family member and totally accept No. Offer the best and accept NO. Spell it out for them, give them the best option and the second best option. You'll be surprised how often the patients will choose that best option, we see it over and over again. Try it, break that barrier and it will get easier.

Story 2:

"What do we do for patients that are 86 year olds and need scaling and root planning."

Why just because of someone age we should offer them something less? It's your job to tell them the treatment its their job to accept or not. It's crazy how many offices think just because of someones age we should offer them something less. Offer the patient the best, off them what they need, share with them what you think is appropriate, don't judge them! Old, young, rich poor, offer everyone the same treatment.

Don't buy into that story.
Tell your patient the best story and you wont have to worry about any of this.

Story 3:
"I'm on a fixed income."

Who isn't on a fixed income? Lets go back to what we should be doing. Offering what we see, treat our patients like our family, and accept no. Tell them what you see, offer the best options to the patients!

We want to spend money on the things that excite us, and if you can't present a case or treatment and excite them about it, then we need to practice this! Change the level of excitement and you will change the outcome of this conversation.

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