Your dentistry services are only as good as your staff. That is why it's so important when building the best practice that you have a team of people who enjoy working at your office. When your team is happy at work, often you'll find that they also have more respect for your practice, go above and beyond the call of duty, and treat patients better than people who do not like where the work.

It may not be cheap, but here are a few ways to build the best practice to increase revenue and longevity.

Increase the amount you pay your staff

There are multiple reasons why it is important to pay your staff more than the industry standards. When you pay people a fair amount for the job they do, they will feel that they are valued more as an employee than if they worked for a practice that paid the minimum. Also, while dentists may be able to afford many luxuries in life such as a large home, nice evenings out with the family, and long vacations, a staff could become resentful, living paycheck to paycheck.

Offer more perks

Don't forget that money isn't everything. Having a fair amount of sick days, paid vacations, insurance, 401K options, and other perks always gives people a feeling that they are valued, and makes their working experience better.

If you can't afford to give all of the perks you would like, you can get creative and offer other things, such as child care services, longer lunches, a snack stocked break room, or allow flexible schedules that gives room for your staff to run quick errands that can arise.

Review your hiring process

How you hire your employees is going to have a big impact on turnovers. And let's face it, turnover is expensive for your dentistry practice. Make sure that you, and even current staff, have an opportunity to interview potential candidates. You want a new hire to appropriately fit in with the environment of your practice, and their potential coworkers can be good judges of that.

Don't be afraid that the process takes too long, or that you are having the potential candidates jump through too many hoops. You want to be sure that you are making the right decision, and that may require multiple interviews, a thorough application process, and more.

You should also let potential employees have a day that they can observe your office in action. Don't forget, a good candidate will be interviewing you as well to make sure they are a good fit for the job, as much as you are making sure they will work well in your dental practice.

Have open lines of communication

When a staff member knows that they are going to be listened too, they have a better disposition at work. The job of the boss is to be a leader, not be an enforcer. A good leader will listen to their staff and take all suggestions into consideration. When you have a staff that is happy, you'll see a morale increase and a more productive work place.