Can Understanding Consumer Behavior Increase Dental Patient Acceptance?

If you look at dental case acceptance through the paradigm of consumer buying behavior, you might find the topic enlightening. When wanting to spend money people, in general, look at things like the "blind lady of justice", meaning, on one hand you have your money, and on the other hand you have the product or service that you want to buy. If the importance of the product or service is high enough, it outweighs the desire to hang on to your money, and you will spend it. If on the other hand it doesn't, a consumer will hang on to their money. For example, if you have a job and it isn't across the street, buying a car becomes important enough to you that you would contemplate a car purchase to get to work. If your job is close enough, and it is a nice summer day, perhaps you think you will just ride your bike. When winter roles around, suddenly a car purchase seems even more important because riding a bike in the snow isn't easy, so you buy a car. Now that you have solved that problem, you might not have a bunch of interest in a second car because one car solves the problem fine.

Dentistry falls into this continuum somewhere. If the person really needs the car so they don't have to ride the bike to work, you might get the patient that says, "I will wait." Now if you start explaining the importance of dentistry to the patient, perhaps it climbs up the importance list. Conversely, if the patient's occupation is such that physical appearance is important (ie real estate agent, car salesman, receptionist, etc) then the level of importance can differ. All of a sudden that patient realizes that they have been sick a bunch (because the contribution of their periodontal disease to their overall health) and now they might lose their front tooth due to poor oral health, and all of this might reflect poorly on their job. Suddenly, them getting their tooth fixed prevents them from being ineffective at their job, which allows them to make more money, which allows them to buy fun things and also pay for their dentistry. Patients just need to realize the impact that a dental office can have on their overall life. Everyone within a dental office truly does positively impact people's lives. I hope you all believe it!

To answer the question, "Can Understanding Consumer Behavior Increase Dental Patient Acceptance?"  The anwer is ABSOLUTELY, if you understand it and present your dental solutions inline with how consumers think.

Darren Kaberna


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