How often do we live this life of 'fake it until you make it' mentality and is it possible that there is a cost to it? How does it impact us and those around us? What does that cost yourself, your reputation, your business, and your community?

Thinking back to when I first began public speaking events I had a good friend pull me aside and suggest I join toast masters. Looking back at that so many years later, and with humility, I realize what he was trying to tell me and help coach me through. Yet at the time I thought I was doing great!

Confidence is an interesting thing and an area we often do mindset coaching; it is about achieving a healthy balance between confidence affecting us in a positive way versus over confidence affecting us in a negative way. Often times those of us who are overly confident do so to hide that we are actually incompetent. We end up being so afraid of being real that we swing to the opposite extreme. Is it possible to achieve being somewhere in the middle?

If you want something different in your life, instead of being overly confident why not ask for help to initiate a change to create more value than anybody else whether at your job or in your personal relationships? This can lead to profound change in your life with greater satisfaction, greater fulfillment, and greater connection with those around you thus resulting in living your best life.



DK Over Confidence Dental Show

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