One of the questions the AMP team gets more often than not is, "How can I grow my dental practice year over year at the same level?" Believe it or not, it's not as hard as people may think. When it comes to growth in your Dental Practice, personal life, or any business for that matter we see a lot of the 'Yo-Yo growth', which can be closely compared to 'Yo-Yo Dieting'.


YoYou growth leaves companies with a hyper focused mindset. These companies get hyper focused on something, like case acceptance, marketing, referrals, or Facebook and because we get hyper focused on these areas we start to see the results. Due to us getting results, what happens is we get super busy! When we get busy, what happens? We stop doing the things that made us busy, because we've reached our goal and we've gotten the results!

What interesting is to look at some clients, who will be crushing in within the first 6 months of our relationship and then that 7th month rolls around and they're all the way back to where they started. It's very frustrating, to be understood. When this happens we ask the doctors a very simple question, "Are you still approaching everything AMP is asking you to do with the same vim and vigor you did the first 6 months?" When the doctor isn't leading the team, guess what happens? The team is going to follow. We have to be careful that we do not fall backwards.

On the other side of thing, we have practices that grow, grow, grow, then plateau out. Ever wonder why this happens? Well, what's interesting about this is if we fall into the same pattern of doing everything that has allowed you to get to the height of that plateau in the first place. The question becomes, how can you break through? Are you willing to work passed the things that got you to that height in the first place? You're going to have to do things differently?

If you're doing the same things you've always done, you're going to get the same results. This can become tiring and when that happens you need try something different.

Are you always wiling to strive a little more? Are you willing to strive, just a little bit more? It's not how you start, it's how you finish. If you can't finish strong then it doesn't matter. If you wanna finish on top of everything, you have to want to finish.

You have to have the desire to want to consistently grow, to consistently push!

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