Influencing those around us, be it, dental patients, our dental team, sales reps or your dental coach can be a very interesting game! We can do this with Leveraged Activities or with State Management. Controlling your state can dramatically influence your day whether at your dental office or personally in all you do.

Leveraged Activities

What can you do to create huge results in your practice and your personal life as well? How can you manage your own personal state, whether it is personal at home or working with those around you every day?

State Management
How can you manage your own personal state and those around you, whether it is your family or your co-workers? How much can you impact those around you? We all have challenges in life. We can blow up at the people around us or we can check ourselves inwardly, choosing to leave all that stuff at the door and have a completely different impact.

THIS IS LIKELY THE ONE THING THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS THE MOST. What do you think it costs your practice when no one is happy and no one is having a good time? What do you think this does to your acceptance rate? If you have a 10% drop in case acceptance because you or those around you are mean or not nice, this could look like $100,000.00 in a million dollar practice! This could translate to a deficit of 30% of your profit, making your year-end bonus history! The moral of this is, if we can't control our own state, how is that going to affect those around us?

Have you ever thought of reciprocity? Give kindness with overflowing energy and watch what comes back. On the other hand, if your emotional state is crabby and mean, what do you think will be returned?

How hard do you work on your State Management? Does your state ever "infect" others? Whether this person is the Doctor or even one team member, an infectious state can influence the whole team. If this is a new concept for you, pause in that moment of fury, and ask yourself how you can modify your state to better impact those around you. That old saying of birds of a feather flock together is especially true with our behavior.

Perhaps it's time to hold everyone accountable in your office. Raise your standards to positively influence each other and watch what happens...

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