We always ask the question, "what is one thing you could do right now that would change your life, your dental practice, your business?" You probably think that if you spend your money on marketing, that should bring in all the new patients. Sometimes, Yes! But, have you ever thought about using what you have? Have you ever thought about stepping up your in office game by simply being Proactive? Don't wait for something to happen, take some steps to get it done. 

One of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as outlined by author Stephen Covey is to be “Proactive.”  While traveling on Southwest Airlines last week,

I experienced a harrowing delay that caused me to miss my connection and I was stranded overnight in the airport.  It was interesting to see all of the various responses passengers were having in the gate area as various updates and announcements were made.  One passenger was highly aggressive, pounding his fist on the counter while proclaiming in a very loud voice, “Can’t you find another plane?”  Others were simply updating concerned parties by text messages and phone calls.

Within 2 days of my return trip I received a lovely e-mail from Southwest detailing their sincerest regrets for the gross inconvenience they has caused me and invitation to accept a voucher for a free future flight.  I humbly accepted, and now have a new found love for this airline! 

How do we create patients for a lifetime? My hope is that we do not have to make a major mistake before we commit to the highest level of customer service possible, excellence!  In general, there is a 2 step process that most human beings ascribe to that being, Action + Response.  Steven Covey poses this question in his literature, “What is your ability to respond?” In another manner of speaking, it is about “the story” that you tell yourself!  It is:  a 3 step process.  See + Feel + Action.  How you react is based on how you feel about what you have seen or are experiencing!

What can you do about your story?  Are you greatly traumatized by what has occurred?  If so, what can you do to disarm yourself and control the “trigger?” Don’t let the story be a life form that turns into entitlement.  You can “choose” to make a different choice. So will you?  

In your practice, do you ever consider that how you think about dental insurance for example, is being transferred to your patents subliminally?  “My patients will only accept what insurance will pays for!”  If you are thinking this way, how does this affect what you present to patients regarding optimal dental health and care? Can we reframe or redirect our thinking and focus on a different outcome?  What might that outcome look like? I suggest you gather your team and discuss what “ways of thinking” you ascribe to as an office and how you will upgrade the standard of care, as you firmly commit to a proactive approach. Share this information with your coach to increase the accountability factor. 


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