What is the office culture you are cultivating in your Dental Practice??

Question: How do we achieve that? Start with the end in mind! Is it a trip together as a team to an exotic destination like Mexico or a dental conference in Las Vegas?


Leaders: Once you've decided, take a look at the economics in your practice and start looking at how will you afford this terrific experience for your team. Next, set a goal with your team that they need to hit in order to win this trip. Allow your team to contribute ideas as to what the incentive should be, decide together as a family.

Team members: Bring your A-game! Offer a solution to your leaders as to how you plan to create revenue in the practice to earn a raise, bonus or including your family on the incentive trip. Create a goals for yourself, be proactive, share with your boss to create a plan.

Just having this incentive is enough to inspire a renewed sense of excellence that your patients will feel as well. This is how you create a culture of excellence!

What is your dream destination with your dream team? Now go get it!

AMP's President and Vice President are live from Mexico!
Here's what they have to say from the beach! 

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