So, you've got a dental coach, but now what? Your dental team is excited to start implementing, you're excited to see the increase in production, cashflow and hygiene, but where do you start? How do you use your dental coach to help improve your life and business? To start, maybe think about the way you seek out results.

Think about this... When seeking results, by far most of us think 80% strategy, when in reality, the 80% we really use is psychology. (See the blog dated April 11, 2016 for more of that topic). How do you show up in the circumstances that matter? Let's review the 20% strategy part of outcomes to develop a strategy that works. First of all – SLOW DOWN – what is the outcome you really want? If you are ever challenged by anything whether it be your business or anything personally challenging, pick up the phone and call your AMP coach.

AMP coaches are trained to help you through your challenges. That's why they are available to you 24/7. Share your challenges with them so more eyes can get you closer to the outcome you desire. Once you realize the outcome, the question becomes, how do you get the emotional leverage on yourself. This is your why.


Action    Outcome  Purpose (Why) 
Walk 20 minutes/day lose 20 pounds look sexier
Don't eat ice cream deadline (date) Feel better


This is written out this way because your brain reads left to right. We want to end at the right to have leverage on the purpose. If you draw this out each time you want an outcome, it will force you to slow down and have a better chance at success. Keep your purpose hyper focused because this is the leverage on yourself and focus for your outcome. Why are you after the outcome? If your purpose doesn't drive you, the Action to get there loses momentum. Next, mark your actions in your calendar to drive commitment. This is a great MAP of what is important to you for the outcome you desire.

Just like a GPS, having a turn to turn direction, why don't we have a turn by turn direction when we desire outcomes? I want to lose weight yet I don't have a plan.

What kind of outcomes would you get if you drew your map once a month? How about once a week? What better odds do you have? Remember, if your purpose resonates enough with you, it will drive you to do it.


This 20% strategy will control the 80% psychology behind the behavior. This strategy manages you not to get tired in achieving your goals. This is a strategy that keeps you laser focused!


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