Year-End Thoughts


As I reflect upon the past year and my time with all of you, I find myself very grateful to have been able to have met you all.  I always do my best to live in the moment rather than be distracted by outside “noise” at every moment.  Now I don’t claim to be perfect at this, but do find greater satisfaction with everything I do as a result of it.  I also find myself reflecting upon my business and looking toward what I want to do differently in 2013.  I would suggest you take some time through this busy holiday season to do the same.  


I read this quote over the weekend that I think can apply to all of us in our personal lives as well as business lives and thought it would be a good note to end the year on - 

“The only limitation to the impact is your imagination and commitment”  ~  Tony Robbins. 


Internet Marketing


Again, today we had special guest Dale Warner to continue our conversation on internet marketing. Dale first suggested that his grandmother be able to figure out what your business does from looking at your website in 15 seconds or less.  If she can’t, she will most likely look for her solution elsewhere.  Similarly, he referenced a study from Stanford that stated that 43% of website conversion was attributed to look and feel of a website.  It is amazing, and yet not really surprising, that people pass judgement on a company that quickly based on the appearance of the website.  What is important to note is that the patient isn’t making a decision to come to you based on your clinical skills, because they can’t tell what those are.  He then showed a before and after of a company's website that was a past client of his.  Anyone who sees this site won’t be surprised to hear that their conversion rate grew.  Now, it grew 500%!!!  They didn’t have any increase in web traffic, just that many more people converted, meaning they contacted the company about using their services.  That is amazing growth!  I obviously have no idea how many people visit your website, but imagine if it is 100 per month and right now you get 10 new patients from it, can you imagine the impact if conversion grew to 70 per month?


We then discussed, in more detail, the volume of web searches for terms in Denver.  It blows me away the difference in search volume for “denver dentist” vs "denver dentists”.  What was also interesting was the search volume for certain procedures, like implants.  Now, if your website doesn’t contain terms for many of the procedures you do, you are probably missing opportunities.  People don’t search for a dentist, they search for a solution to their problem!!!  Is your website configured to lead people looking for solutions to you?


If you have questions about all of this, please contact me.


Darren Kaberna 

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