Today, we are pleased to welcome our guest speaker, Brett Wilson, President of Digital Doc who has over 25 years selling digital cameras to dentists in his family business. Have you been thinking about the purchase of an intra oral camera but just don't completely understand the benefits it may have to your dental practice and team? Brett and Darren are here to talk ato us about the Power of the Intra Oral Camera and it's impact on case acceptance and patient relationships! 

Brett says that a quality camera will provide:

1. Excellent image quality
2. A solid system
3. A program for success - 12 images in 2 minutes

Being able to take these 12 images in such a short time and then show them to patients in high definition, greatly increases treatment acceptance. Patients want and expect to see their images in high definition.

Brett noted that consumer behavior is very interesting. People "buy" on emotion and then back up the buying decision with "logic."
Take the tooth with a crack in it along with an open margin, and magnify it 25x's, what might a patient see? The more we can "see," the more will "do." Show a patient a view of the lower arch with prominent oxidized silver fillings and ask them what they see and what they would rate their teeth and smile on a scale of 1-10. Patients virtually sell themselves on needed care.

The intra-oral camera is great for periodontal patients as well. Photograph the lingual surfaces of one arch. Display this image as the hygienists scales the teeth. Take a photo during the treatment showing the removal of extreme calculus from some of the teeth in the arch and allow the patient to see the difference. It is naturally very convincing and justifies the procedure being completed by the hygienist.
Finally, be sure to have an intra-oral camera in each treatment room! Once used on a consistent basis by both the Dr and Hygienist, expect enhanced treatment acceptance and happy satisfied patients who have seen, therefore moved forward, with your recommendations.

Digital Doc and AMP


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