Whether it is your dental patients, your dental team, or yourself change is often met with resistance. I recently read a book called The Five Second Rule that discusses this. The concept of the book is that anytime we are resistant to making a change there is some fear or something that is holding us back; this is the same mindset that holds our patients back from accepting treatment. Research has shown that when we face a challenge and feel resistant that counting down from 5 to 1 is an absolute game changer in how we move forward.

What would life be like if we were able to recognize this resistance, identify what is holding us back, and then continue to move forward versus lamenting on a challenge and spinning it into something bigger than it has ever been?

How often do we prolong the inevitable and miss out on an outcome of pleasure? I think back to a time when my wife and I were selling our house in Ohio. We knew prior to putting it on the market we would have to replace the garbage disposal. Of course, we didn't do it until our house went up for sell and all I could think was how whisper quiet this thing was and how we wished we had done it long before then.

Another example of resistance can be in marriage when there is a marital problem and something needs to change but one or both parties are resistant. Often times I have found that resistance exists due to fear, perhaps the fear of vulnerability or of being wrong that keeps us stuck in old counterproductive ways. What good is being stuck doing for you? For your partner? What if you were to count backwards from 5 to 1 and then just go for it and share those concerns? I am certain connection and progress would come out of it.

In my business we run across some clients or team members who are resistant to coaching. Through utilization of your coach we are able to use mindset techniques that lead to major break throughs and transform peoples' lives in a way they never imagined possible. Other times the resistance is so great it lead to stewing in a continued problem which typically compounds as it cycles on. How often could we change that if we just counted down from 5 and broke through? If you feel resistant to coaching my challenge to you is to talk it out with your coach to understand it better, then count down from 5 and just do it!

I am certain you will have incredible break throughs and this will absolutely change your life.


Darren in Dental OFFICE


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