You've been in practice for 10, 20 30 years now and you claim to know your dental patients inside and out, right? Think about it though, when was the last time you modified your dental case presentation or your financial presentation based on your "filters" (Judgements)? If money and dental insurance was not an issue, if you could remove all of your "filters" and present IDEAL Dental treatment, would you?

Imagine this, you just lost your job through no fault of your own. You enroll into Medicaid due to the situation you are now in. Shortly after this, you inherit a million bucks from Old Aunt Myrtle! Some time later that week, you need to go to a dentist due to busting a tooth in half! Ouch! When you get there, present your Medicaid card, you are READY TO DO THE WORK and YOU HAVE THE CA$H TO DO IT!!! You are told by Dr. Jones the tooth needs extracted, but are given no additional information on replacement and restoration of that area because, "your insurance won't cover it"! WHAT??? You weren't even offered anything but what insurance would cover! Are you mad? I would be!

So, you thank Dr. Jones and go next door to Dr. Smith and she provides you a COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT PLAN of extraction with implant (or a bridge) and you pay IN FULL and thank Dr. Smith for her services and for not prejudging what she thought you "can or cannot afford".

Providing IDEAL dentistry to each person is what each patient deserves. Did you really want to be so insurance driven when you graduated? Did you want to give basic dentistry just based on what we feel a person could afford or amazing dentistry? YOU are able to make your practice anything that you want it to be! Are you and your team ready for a mindset change? Are you willing to work to break the current mindset and take on some new protocols to make this happen? If so, talk to your coaches on how they can design a plan to get there. You can have a more profitable and easy schedule that helps you feel MORE fulfilled and LESS stressed. 

Let's get some goals together and start today!


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