Does being a dental patient advocate or provider, impact dental case acceptance?

Is it your job to worry about your patient's economics and finances? What holds you back in communication with your dental patients when recommending treatment? Do you as a patient provider; whether it be the doctor, the hygienist or the assistant, provide the information of what you see, regardless of the patient's means to restore them back to optimum dental health? Are you their advocate in the unbiased presentation of their dental treatment?

What responsibilities do we have in recommending treatment to our patients? How do we create that mindset? Too often we prejudge their finances, desires or ambitions when it comes to treatment presentation.

We have taken the responsibility to diagnose treatment and recommend solutions. Period! As Zig Ziglar has said, "It's easier to explain price once than to apologize quality forever." Sometimes we get stuck in the insurance mindset of what the patient can or cannot afford, never giving them a chance to choose.

There is a doctor I have worked with that has said to me, "I have never diagnosed with the mindset of insurance. I have always had the clear lens of proper treatment and have let the patient choose what is best for them. Not everyone chooses the best, but at least they have the opportunity."

Inform your patients accurately of what you see, what the best is for their situation and perhaps offer the second best if they need to choose. If they are never given a chance to even know what you offer, how will they have the opportunity to choose?

Step out of your comfort zone that has made the mindset you have prevent offering the best of what you know how to do. Revisit the high quality dentistry you have been trained to provide. And watch what happens.

Watch this video for more insight of how this can be done!

Barbara Maddy, RDH
AMP Coach