Happy New Year! As 2015 is at a close, how is it you see the success you have achieved this past year? Do you see it as an all-encompassing “I did this” or “I accomplished this?” Have you ever taken a moment to experience the team effort your success entailed? Could you have been successful without the help of your team walking with you on the same path? When is the last time you have personally thanked the people called “your team” for doing what they do for you?




A grateful attitude can break you out of a circle of sadness or even depression.  A grateful attitude can fulfill you in ways like nothing else out there. Have you ever paid it forward? This is doing something for someone else when it is least expected. Paying it forward can look like buying a homeless person something to eat or, carrying someone’s groceries to their car that is struggling. These random acts of kindness go a long way in one’s heart.

As the New Year quickly approaches, could you imagine one thing paid forward by you and then by that person and then by the next person? What would this look like if this rippling effect would wave through your entire community?

AMP certainly is a company of building others up. That is why we are different. When we spend time investing in the lives of others, building them up and showing them the potential they hold, amazing things happen in the practices we coach. Amazing things happen in the lives of those we work with. 

Make 2016 a year of gratitude. Gratitude towards those you love and those you work with. The rippling of the stone you toss into that pond will continue to affect those around you. Again and again and again.



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