Social Media is the biggest trends in today's Dental Marketing! One of the hottest resources in social media is Facebook. Facebook is an excellent social networking platform. By platform I mean that it allows you to connect with your dental patients as well as family, friends, team members, other dental practices, as well as businesses. Let's begin by creating a Facebook Page for your dental office. It is important to select more than one administrator when creating your Facebook Page. By having more than one administrator it will allow more than one perspective.

Once you have created your Facebook Page keep these 3 underlying components in mind. Each component is important in forming a balance that is attainable in reaching your overall goal. The first is to keep the posts entertaining. When updating the page...add some dental specific humor or entertaining news related to the topic at hand. Second, continue to educate on your Facebook Page. Third, offer promotional tactics that will allow a return. An example is an in office special or referral incentive that your dental practice might be offering at this time. By utilizing these areas you will allow proper balance and measurement of tracking. There are various ways to keep your audience intrigued. Brainstorm with your dental team and patients when deciding on topics to be posted. Be certain that your content is timely, relevant, and more importantly FUN!

A few facts to remember when placing a Tag on a patient or team member, if they post on your wall there is no need for a consent. However, if you tag or post on your wall using their information, have a consent form signed prior to posting on Facebook. Another important fact to remember is that you cannot tag on a business page. You must go to that Facebook Page and insert a comment. In conclusion, Facebook can offer a great platform for your Dental Practice! By keeping the content updated with the latest and greatest trends you will be able to interact effectively, reward your patients, obtain new dental patients, and have FUN!

Quick tip to get more Likes: Have a contest within the office that they have to post the answer to on your Facebook page to participate. This will require them to Like it first;)

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