Have you set dental goals for your office for 2016? Some that you're following through with and some that you're not? If you're starting to lose sight of those goals, don't worry, your dental coach will get you and your dental team back on track. That means no more roadblocks. Whether it's a goal for your practice, a personal goal, or a goal for your family or team members, it's absolutely possible and you can count on AMP to help get you there!




Hopefully after tuning in to last week's show you have at least one goal written down to reach in 2016. If not, what are you waiting for? Get to it! Time passes quickly and before you know it half the year will be over. When you were making your goal/goals did you think about your why? Take the time to envision what it will feel like to reach your goal. Tap into those feelings of pride, satisfaction, relief, whatever the feeling is, remember it! That is the place you are going to have to go mentally when things get tough. We all know life will throw all kinds of things at us to try and get us off track and we will if we let it. The key is to tap into your why and focus on that and then there will be no other option but to shake it off, pick things back up and keep on trucking!

The path to your goal is not going to be a straight line. If you have any expectation that it will, you will not be prepared for when your path plateaus or even worse goes backward. Intead of being unprepared AMP suggests you have a plan for how to handle the forks in the road. Give yourself a pep talk, go back and read over your goals and your "why" This will help get you reenergized, refocused, and back on track. That being said, you must have a really good "why" or you will find that when those roadblocks do happen you will be all to ready to just settle for where you are.

It has been said that we make decisions for 2 reasons, to gain pleasure or avoid pain.

If not reaching your goal doesn't cause you any pain and reaching it won't bring a ton of pleasure, do you think you'll care if you reach it or not? I doubt it! 


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