Four Areas of Confidence Within Your Dental Practice That Will Result in Growth

How does confidence lead to dental practice growth?  How can confidence lead to greater dental case acceptance?  When we look at clients across the country, as it relates to their confidence and success, it becomes obvious to us outsiders the correlation between the two. Therefore our goal is to help our clients increase their confidence in 4 main areas that we see some struggle:  Clinical, Financial, Personal/Social, Leadership.  We find that these areas appear to be the most critical for each person within the dental office.   Take an inventory on them and then work on the areas that you need the most help with.  We see these being hierarchal in nature, so let’s start at the bottom



  1. Clinical Confidence - We find this is the area that most dentists have the most confidence, which is no surprise given they have gotten the most training here.  That being said, if as a practitioner you find yourself lacking in a certain Clinical area, get some dental CE on these topics to grow your confidence.  If you feel you have plenty of confidence, how well do you show this confidence to your team and patients? 

  2. Financial Confidence - This is an area where many business owners struggle and certainly some dentists struggle as well.  When business is slow and cash flow is tight, this can create a serious confidence problem as you lie awake at night worried about making payroll.  This stress can and does impact how people interact with each other.  In some cases it also greatly impacts how you interact with your patients.  If you implement a few things that we often suggest to improve cash flow, you will start sleeping better at night and grow your confidence. 
  3. Personal/Social Confidence - We cover this a great deal with our Prosperity Plan.  This is all about being clear on what you want in life and how you want to achieve it.  This can also come from practicing how to have certain conversations.  This is why we recommend scripting certain conversations.  Sometimes people get uncomfortable with the concepts of scripting.  Whenever I get this response, my question is when you watch a Broadway Play, does it appear scripted?  Of course not. Even though it is scripted word for word, they make it appear like a natural conversation taking place. They do this by rehearsing.  If we practice these conversations enough, they will appear very natural and lead to confidence.  When I watch people who have no guidance with their conversations they appear to struggle with the confidence of what they are doing.  

  4. Leadership - In my opinion this is the top of the pyramid and can be the toughest one to master.  I think this boils down to two main topics, Communication Skills and Time Management.  We are always teaching Communication Skills whether it is for your patients or leading your team.  Time Management is an area I see many struggle.  Too many people, in general, feel like they are just always putting out fires.  If you take control of your schedule and be pro-active, you can decrease the amount of time you feel like you are putting out fires.  The key to this is good planning and execution.

From confidence comes more trust.  Imagine seeing a brain surgeon that seemed to lack confidence, would you let him open up your head?  Probably not.  This is an area that, if we can improve on, will have a huge impact on the practice.  These are not areas that you can change overnight, nor are necessarily easy.  That being said, they are areas that can and will have a huge impact on the practice as well as each individual.  I would encourage you to take an inventory of these areas with yourself, and then come up with a plan to improve them.

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