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Do you know where to start when thinking about drawing more patients to your website? You're looking to generate New Patients and what you're currently doing isn't really working? Should you cross-link it to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or all of them?? Okay, so before you panic and if you are unsure what to do let us at Accelerate My Practice help you! 


Start by joining our Social Media Contest! It's very easy, follow the steps below to compete. 

  1. Shoot a video of you and your team in the office
  2. It has to be funny and entertaining
  3. When you are done, post it to AMP Facebook and the one with the most likes, wins.

The Prize: AMP will help create a introduction video for your dental practice that will speak directly to brand of the practice and will generate new patients. 

This exercise wont only help generate new patients, but joining in on this contest will put life back into your practice. Let your team members help create a story line, we've seen some great team bonding happen through this exercise. 


Okay, so STOP staring at this page and DO something!

Grap your phone or video camera and your team and GET TO WORK!

We can't wait to see what you've come up with! 



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