Can you tell that there is something in your Dental Office that is holding your team back? What it is? What's holding you back? What TWO decisions RIGHT NOW have you been putting off? What are those two things you’ve been thinking about doing that you have not yet done? GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD NOW!

STOP! Write them down right now. What are the two things you know you should make a decision on and have not? As you look at those two items, think about what it has cost you in not having made those decisions.

How you approach things in life sets the tone for your success. Do you say something like, I am going to try to quit smoking or do you say I no longer smoke. There is a whole different neurological response to the second statement. Going to and trying to gives one an out until it is convenient. And a convenient time usually doesn’t happen.

How many of us say, “I should do this or I should do that”…. And never do? Have you been wanting to lose weight or wanting to start exercising? Do you keep should-ing on yourself and ultimately never start? It’s interesting how many of us continue to “should” when we really should just do them!

What are you willing to commit to today? Will you commit to stop smoking, today? Commit to start losing weight today? Commit to showing up on time to work today?

How about this – I am going to commit today to showing every patient today that they have periodontal disease. I am going to commit today to ask every single patient to pay the bill today. Imagine if you had this attitude, what a profound change you would see in your life if that is how you approached each and every day. 

Start TODAY to commit to TWO goals. Then, listen to your mind on what is transpiring. For example, our mind is GREAT at saying “I can’t.”

We here at AMP address all of this. We listen to what is being said. We coach and guide you so you can achieve the next level of success – whatever that may be for you!

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