Understanding “why” you do what you do is one of the most important aspects of your Leadership as a business owner who happens to be a dentist.  Being committed to the “good of all” provides amazing team momentum and therefore phenomenal results!

To illustrate this concept, let’s look at how and why geese fly in a “V” formation.  The primary purpose is to decrease the amount of effort to accomplish a task due to efficiency. Geese flying in the back of the formation are honking to give the lead support to keep going.  The sweetest piece of all is this, if one gets injured and flies to the ground, 2 fellow geese go with him or her to help protect and care for their injured. Everyone tries to go in one direction in this flock.

I ask you to consider, what is your goal to make massive progress?  All who work for you need to have the vision in place with a clear definition of “Why” you do what you do.  A famous author, Simon, wrote a great book, “Start with the Why.” In essence, if you think of 3 concentric circles and “Why” is in the middle, the next circle is “How” and the outer circle is the “What.”  

“What” pertains to what business you are in.

“How” refers to how you deliver what you do and finally, the most important,

“Why” you do what you do, ie. “I change people’s lives by changing their smiles.  I happen to be a dentist!

We often start with the “What” and move toward the “Why.”  See the immense difference if you begin with the “Why” and then end with the “What.” The “why” is how people connect with you.  This is “why” patients return to your practice, not your margins!!  

Team Exercise:

List what your “why” is. Write it out as clearly and concisely possible.

Dr. to share his or her “why” with the team.

Before sharing, plan a celebration with music and excitement.  Take this excitement with you wherever you go and enjoy the new found success and joy that awaits you!