Whatever we focus on in life is what we get. Between recent world events such as natural disasters with hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes or political unrest in North Korea life can get loud! Combine those things with personal and professional challenges in life and often times we get to the point of questioning how do we get past the noise? Being a Stephen Covey fan, this reminds me of him talking about the circle of influence versus the circle of concern.




In the circle of influence positive energy is present which enlarges the circle of influence with a proactive focus. In the circle of concern negative energy is present which reduces the circle of influence leading to a reactive focus. My question to you is which circle are you focused on, one of influence or of concern? Reality says that we will all deal with some kind of disaster at some point in our lives and often times we cannot control what happens; however, we can be proactive in our approach by having clarity of what we want and a plan on how to get there along with flexibility to change the plan as needed with a proactive approach.

Often times we are presented with solutions that are sent our way which we may overlook or send away because we are panicking as we start to drown in disaster. If we can be still enough to catch our breath, take a look around, reassess, and grab an outstretched arm our circumstances can quickly change. It can be so hard at times to understand why bad things take place but I firmly believe there is always something we can take away from it that prepares us for whatever the next step is we need to take. This is not a journey meant to be taken alone. Often times we need a sounding board or to take an outstretched arm; allow your coach at AMP to give you the tools to get past the noise and stay in the circle of influence!



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