Habit 1 Be Proactive Within Your Dental Practice

When looking at your dental practice you can choose to be Proactive in your approach or Reactive in how you handle things. Too often we tend allow the world around us to push us into Reactive behavior. This might sound silly and too superficial but how we respond in life is predetermined by how we think on a daily basis. Hence why the type of language we use and how we think is important. Let's explore more of what I am referring to.

The reason why this programing is important is when something happens to you in life, there is a very brief moment where you have the ability to respond before you see the outcome of that event. An example might be, you see a car accident. Immediately you have the ability to do a few things. Do you run over to the car and help, do you stay where you are and dial 911 or do you do nothing and just keep going about your business. We all have the ability to respond to everything in our lives, the question becomes, what do we choose. Another example I hear in dental offices all the time, "The economy stinks and because of that my business is struggling." I would argue that you are allowing the economy to negatively impact your business. Have you heard of the Lottery Curse? About 70% of people who win the lottery within 5 years declare bankruptcy. How in the world is it possible to take such a great problem and end in such tragedy? Poor decisions is the answer.  This is why I believe even with a tough economy you can make great decisions and have a positive outcome.

What's the moral of the story, be-careful what you think about and thus what decisions you make in life. If you really believe the economy stinks, you will prove yourself right. If on the other hand you are determined to make better decisions about your dental office and how to run it, you can have a dramatically different outcome.

Take control of your life and your destiny rather than leave it up to chance or someone else's decisions.

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