Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind in Your Dental Practice

When you understand how the mind works, you can leverage this to create some amazing results within your dental practice. All things in life are created twice - first the mental creation then the physical creation comes next. Without first the mental creation, the physical one will never happen. This is something all dentists understand very well when it comes to clinical dentistry. When they look into a mouth, they all have a pretty good idea of what the outcome will look like. When it comes to the business side of the practice, this step often gets skipped, unfortunately. An example of the two creations would be with a building. The mental creation of your building is the architectural plans, the physical creation is the actual building. Everything in life is created this way.

How often do we sit around dreaming about what we want our practice to look like in 5-10 years? We really should take the time to lay down the ground work appropriately to make these dreams come true. If you don't however, your practice will be created by default, not by design.. Although we might not want the default setting in life, we must put in the time and effort so that it does not happen Your efforts need to be applied in all aspects of your practice - the physical space, the team, the economics, everything!! I would rather have my business turn out to be what I want by design vs. accident.

One of my favorite quotes, as it relates to this topic, is a Peter Druker quote, "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." How often do we take the time to evaluate the things we do? Do we do it the way it has always been done? Does doing it the way it has always been done make sense? Perhaps, but not necessarily.

Design your dream practice, not what you have now. Dream big!! When I say "big", I don't necessarily mean a huge practice, but rather make it what you really want. How many hours, how many patients, how many team members, what do the economics look like? Dream up all of these very precisely, share them with your team and start laying out a plan to accomplish these dreams! Don't live by default, live by design.

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