Have you built a strong foundation for your dental office? What are the bedrock principles in your dental practice?  Can they stand the test of time? Having your core values established helps guide how your business is run on a daily basis.  It will also provide your dental team with an expectation of what services, service level and patient pool you are looking to provide services to.

Looks can be deceiving. Why compare your office to an office down the street?  Though they may have a look of having it all together, if you dug deep enough, it may not be in alignment with your values and your foundation. 

How involved or engaged in your personal life are you? How involved or engaged are you in your business? You have to ask yourself if dentistry is still a passion for you or not.  If it isn’t, why?  Are you focused solely on making a paycheck or changing the lives of the patients you see each day?  Knowing what your foundation is can help you refocus and remind you why chose to go into dentistry in the first place!  

A strong foundation will ground your entire team along with yourself resulting in bringing more satisfaction to your workdays.  This principle is also applicable to your personal life.  Try making a list of what principles you want to build your practice on this upcoming week.  Try having an office meeting to get everyone on the same page and see what a clarity it brings!  Can’t hurt to give it a try, right?