Healthy Habits = Passionate Dental Practice

Sometimes the most challenging part of our day is "taking a look at oneself in the mirror." This is the reality check when facing our truth in life.  We must constantly approach each challenge while in the face of adversity; not in the absence of adversity. The same rules apply in our Personal and Professional lives. Let's discuss how this philosophy relates to our Dental Practice. Let's use the analogy that like plaque on our teeth, decay will cause other issues.  The same is true with our minds.  The environment "created" within your Dental Practice can potentially cause bitterness, resentment, and possibly even a Team Member.  The result is just like decay… will cause other issues.  Dentistry provides solutions to issues related to our mouth.  We strive, as the clinician, to ensure that our clinical knowledge and ethical perception go hand in hand.  Therefore, at times the other components that typically complete a practice are somewhat dim in brightness. The Team should excel and demonstrate in every facet the same "light".  We have shared several archives and probably already shared most of the importance of team communication, personal mindset, and value of the Patient.  The AMP! drive is to"Prosper in the face of any challenge by getting focused on what you want in life and business."  Every week we share the Clinical and Mindset nuggets to continue enhancing your growth within your practice through our TV Shows.  Often times we get feedback that personal lives are impacted as well.  Our goal is to grow you; you must awaken the passion from within YOU!


Let's discuss the plaque on our teeth…the outcome of poor implementation of a regular hygiene "daily" schedule is decay.  When the decay is "ignored" or just not a high priority, major issues such as a root canal, crown, or even tooth loss will be the outcome of negligence.  The same process occurs when our Passionate Attitude isn't being demonstrated within the practice.  The outcome of a Negative working environment is internal decay.  The Implementation of a Positive atmosphere is imperative to the Dental Practice.  Healthy Minds are necessary in order to thrive as an entire team.  The entire Team must implement the Positive atmosphere.  This is achieved through mindset.  Constant communication and an ability to resolve any negativity will be attributes to this process.  Often times when the environment within the Dental Practice is being ignored or not a priority, the internal decay increases.  The outcome leads to Team Members being unhappy, lack of desire to achieve office goals, inappropriate behavior within the office, and sometimes termination (voluntarily or involuntarily).  This can occur for many reasons.  However, the healthy habits, lead by example, will provide the Positive atmosphere necessary to thrive as a Team!  If the entire Team ignores the "daily" implementation of a Healthy Attitude, the results will certainly impact the success within your Dental Practice. 


The first step on the way to a successful healthy Dental Practice is for the dentist to set goals and then implement systems to meet those goals.  The second step is to set the tone within the Dental Practice.  If you bring in a negative attitude every morning, chances are you will attract the same!  Life happens!  As the leader of the Dental practice, you must have a clear vision for the practice and must be able to share that vision.  By creating the Positive Atmosphere within the practice, goals are achieved with passion!

Let's take a look at some of the common "reasons" that have a tendency to allow this internal decay to occur:


To not understand how to fully take control of your office … and your life …


Your Dental Practice is probably a large part of your life.  You must find a tactful way to take appropriate control of your practice as it also relates to your personal area of Happiness!  By approaching the office as a whole will allow a comfortable flow in communication.  Involve the entire team in outside education.  This will develop the appropriate strategies necessary in understanding your Vision.  Encourage and support changes made as a Team. The dedication has to be desired in order for the ultimate level of Passion to thrive in your Dental Practice!  So awaken that Passion by taking control of your destiny!  Break out of your comfort zone.  The Team is a big part of the survival of your Dental Practice.  Therefore, implementing a positive atmosphere must be a priority in order to create the environment necessary for change and growth.  You must let go, be assertive, and ultimately take control!  After all, it`s your life…. Live it to its fullest!

There are so many reasons to ignore implementing the proper steps in achieving overall Success within your Dental Practice.  However, if you continue to ignore even one step, you will have an internal decay much like a decayed tooth. Create that Positive atmosphere now in order to achieve the Passion necessary to thrive in your Dental Practice.  Those steps taken today will absolutely develop the necessary Healthy Habits within your Dental Practice and provide you with a Passionate Practice!

Want to test yourself to see if you are giving life everything you have?  Watch this video!!



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