How are You Contributing Within Dentistry and Your Community?

There are many forms of Contributions deemed in Society and dentistry.  Let's focus on daily Contributions that occur throughout the year; every day.  It is important to make the distinction between achievements and contributions.  An Achievement is defined as something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance.  Therefore, achievements can easily become a task that is simply checked off our "to do" list once accomplished.  On the other hand, a Contribution is defined as something contributed such as money or an idea.  It can also include your time.  The correlation between the two is quite simple; our contribution is the entire Picture seen through those snapshots of multiple achievements.  They are imperative in reminding ourselves that "we can make a Difference."

In order to make every day in your Dental Practice or in any area of Business reflect those snapshots follow a few tips:

1.  Really evaluate your Mindset and Attitude.  Take the time to Reflect on your day, week, month to help Plan a different strategy looking forward.
2.  Define your goals, take the grain of sand out of your shoe so that you don't grow tired walking towards those Goals.  Once there, Achievement follows as does your contribution.
3.  Do see the Obstacles. However, focusing on them will only leave your head bruised and confused.  They are only obstacles, not walls.  Don't waste your time beating your head up against them.  Find the necessary support from your Team to assist in achieving the results of your Contribution Plan.
4.  Time Management.  It is imperative to make the Time necessary to follow through effectively and efficiently.  Do not Procrastinate! Making the Time will allow YOU to finish!
5.  Make the entire Team part of your Contributions for the community and other areas that they might be helpful.

I am writing this on behalf of my Leader within AMP.  Darren demonstrates very specific Goals and Visions.  While he understands that abstract ideas and descriptions are pertinent to the foundation of the planning process of any Contribution.  He knows that specific details are crucial in the results being achieved.  AMP continuously contributes to so many facets of Dentistry.  We strive to maintain contributions of ideas, publications, and vested time in the Growth of Practices Nationwide.  Our entire Company knows that every contribution takes effort and strategic planning.  Therefore, in order to achieve the level of excellence promised to our clients and the Dental Industry; time management must be implemented.  The sooner you realize that you can't read everything, nor check off the entire "to do" list, the level of stress quickly becomes relief and enjoyment.  The reality is being able to prioritize the urgency of these daily tasks and contributions.  Whether they are work related, charity, or just your time; prioritization is essential in the success of the outcome.  One of Darren's constant reminders is, "focus on our QUALITY rather than the QUANTITY of deeds or actions."  The next time you and the Dental Team make some concrete decisions regarding Contributions of any magnitude; just be clear on what you want and develop the plan to get it!  If you find yourself not asking the questions, " am I going to make a contribution today;" re-evaluate your performance, are you at peak?  Is this your best? Where is your Focus?  It really is simple.  Often times, we complicate the picture in front of us.  Remember those little achievements are the snapshots of the bigger picture; your Contribution!