Coopetition? What the....?

This is a new word to most, but the concept is not new. AMP TV has started a new series in dental marketing for your practices that will show you how coopetition is a friend not a foe.

First, let's answer the question: What is coopetition?

Coopetition is cooperative competition. Meaning you know you are in the same industry as others, in this case Dental, and the other dentists are willing to collaborate together on services they provide to patients. By having a community of dentists who are willing to see each other as partners instead of direct competitors, you are opening a path to creating an elevated level of dental services in your community instead of the typical frictionized competition.

What can you do to make coopetition work for you? Competition is around us everyday and more so with dentists. If you have Travel & Leisure magazines around your waiting area, you have competition that is going to be way more appealing to the patient instead of getting a root canal. Minimize the competition around the practice that you have control over. Next, think about how you would like to be perceived within your dental community by your peers and patients. Do you have marketing that reflects this vision consistently throughout the practice?

The consistent marketing message is delivered by front office staff, hygienists, assistants, the doctor and any written information about your practice.

Team Exercise:

Write out the type of procedures you love to/would love to do in your practice.

What type of procedures would you be willing to refer out to another dentist?

What type of improvements would you like to make that is in alignment with the procedures you like to do?

Do you have a group of dentists that you would consider to be part of your coopetition group?

Are you willing to expand this group to invite more dentists? (consider cooperative competition vs frictionized competition)

How will you market yourself to the rest of the dental community with your own unique dental expertise that you bring to the table?

Catch the rest of the marketing series on AMP TV!

If you have questions and want to learn more, contact one of our coaches for help