Action is the key to Success.  We discuss how "doing" is the key to success in your practice.  Many people in life want something different, sadly not enough are willing to do something different about it.  Sometimes, even doing the wrong thing can be more productive and profitable than doing nothing while you wait to build the perfect plan.  Many people in life are paralyzed with analysis and or fear.  Get started on your dreams today, don't wait another day.  Many of us have said for years we are going to get started on .....................something someday.  For years we have said we are going to do this thing.  Why have so many of us waited to do it?  Because it is just a tiny bit easier to do nothing than it is to do something different.  This is the conundrum of human life!!
Consumer Thinking - Many within the dental industry present treatment very clinically and logically.  For example, you have caries on the distal cusp of 28 and need a DO.  The problem with this is that consumers, or what is called a patient, don’t make logical decisions.  If they did no one would have tattoos.  Therefore we need to speak their language, which is emotional purchase decisions.  Many examples, breast augmentations, liposuction, fast cars, iPhone 5  all emotional.
How does this compare to what is normally said in hyg?
Many patients who struggle with Perio tell us that they struggle with bad breath.  We find in most cases that this significantly improves by taking care of the perio.  We also find those who struggle with Perio also struggle with decreased energy.  If you have ever wondered why this might be for you, it is because your body is fighting a constant infection in your mouth.  This takes energy to fight and thus many who solve this problem see an increase in energy.  Lastly, many who struggle with Perio also get sick more often with colds and such.  This is also because of the energy it takes to fight the infection in your mouth as I previously mentioned.  Also, your swollen gums are a pathway for illness to get into your body.  By decreasing that swelling, it makes it tougher for the bugs to get into your body.  
If any of these 3 benefits would interest you (eliminating bad breath, more energy, and decreased sickness) we need to do something different to improve your oral health.  
How about this for moving the patient from the hygiene chair to the doctors chair?
Darren, you have some decay right here on these teeth.  Here is what will happen to these if left untreated.  The cavities will grow larger and at some point probably will infect the very center of the tooth resulting in a root canal.  It is possible, when that happens that you will also end up with an abscess.  If you aren’t familiar with those, it is when you face swells up very large, hurts quite a bit and fills with pus.  It is safe to say, it is no fun.  At that point we will have to do a root canal and a crown.  The total bill on that process will be somewhere around $2000 per tooth.  Right now if we treat these teeth for about $200 per tooth, we can save you all that discomfort.  That being said, we can either do all of these at once for you or we can do them individually.  If we do all 3 individually, it will take 3 visits and 3 shots.  Do you prefer we do them all at once or in 3 visits?
The outcome of this process for you, is that the tooth will last quite a long time, it will look beautiful and it won’t hurt.  The only thing I can promise you, is that right now, it will be the least expensive and most comfortable process it will be.  Over time, it will only cost more and potentially hurt more.  
Here is the bottom line, we need to focus on the results for the patient, not the process.  Most people don’t want to know the process, they want to understand 4 things:  How will it look, how long will it last, will it hurt and how much will it cost?  If we handle those items in our discussions and keep it simple, I fully expect to see great growth for every dental office.
Try it today and let me know how it works!

Darren Kaberna


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