How can data mining your dental practice with Revenue Well grow your dental practice?

Do you find yourself wanting to market to your existing dental patients? Perhaps let them know you are doing a special on Invisalgn or whitening? Maybe your dental hygiene schedule has fallen apart in the upcoming weeks and you would like to fill it up a bit more? How would you currently go about this? Manually look up a list of people and then send them either a postcard or email? Sounds daunting, doesn't it.

By utilizing technology to data mine your patient files, you can do this much more effectively and efficiently. We at AMP are very good friends with the Revenue Well team, because they have solved this problem. They have a system that allows you to communicate everything and anything with your patients. For example: you can send out welcome packets, thank them for a referral, allow them to find your practice via the internet, take payments over the internet, confirm appointment, get reminders, send a Happy Birthday message, and lastly and most importantly, create a Dental Marketing Campaign for just about anything.

To create a marketing campaign, you set the criteria that you are interested in marketing toward. For example, I want a list of all patients that have a denture and might be interested in a upgrading to an implant retained denture. You can use this search criteria to create the list and then send out either an email or postcard inviting them to a evening seminar on this process and the benefits. Most importantly, it would take you about 10 minutes to put all this together and hit SEND. How much more time efficient is this than your current process?

Another example of time savings. How much time is spent confirming your dental patients' appointments? At least an hour per day or more? You can automate this process and send either text/email/phone call confirmations that don't require your team to manually do it. When the patient gets the reminder, they simply reply with "C" to confirm and it will automatically update your schedule and mark them as confirmed. If they don't respond, it kicks out a list of people that you then can call to confirm.

The bottom line is as you get busier, you need to systematize things so they are done CONSISTENTLY. Most people utilize texting, so why not make it convenient for them and text them? It certainly will give you the high tech image you might desire. If you have more questions or would like to learn more, you can contact Alex Nudel at:

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