Habit 6 discusses very simplistically the imperative need for "group thinking, brainstorming, ...synergy."  Let's face it, two minds are better than one in your Dental Practice. The overall approach when teamwork and open-mindedness are encouraged is highly effective in every dynamic. Synergy will allow you and the team to uncover and invent ideas that might not otherwise be discovered alone. As the entire team begins to interact and brainstorm ideas regarding the practice, they will also allow the influence of your leadership and other team members to offer insight on strategic planning moving forward. It will be captivating to listen to the experiences and expertise being demonstrated throughout this time. It is a must to set aside appropriate time and planning for such Team Building Time.

Your Dental Practice must be as openminded as the leader that is driving the influence. Thus, if you want to expand, grow, or simply maintain a healthy practice; a synergistic approach is essential for accomplishing those goals! Hopefully, you and the team are really driven in providing the level of excellence necessary to foster the "value" in the relationships throughout your Dental Practice. The labels of each team member should be placed aside. Every Team Member within your Dental Practice should be valued as an important factor in the practice. Take a step back and truly evaluate the Team as a whole. Allow the differences and experiences to be valued and respected. Once the Team realizes the value that "a Synergistic" approach offers the practice, the strength as a Team is recognized. Suddenly, those differences become stepping stones for strength to build upon. The level of respect amongst each Team Member of your Dental Practice will become so high that if a disagreement arises, a genuine effort to minimize the effect will be sought. An effective suggestion would be to create a mission statement for your Dental Practice, encourage the team to live it in their hearts and in their minds!!!! If there is already a mission statement in place, have each Team Member verbalize it to you and other Team Members. This will allow each Team Member the opportunity to share it as they perceive it.

After all, we want to develop the mind set of "beginning with the end in mind" while achieving current goals and developing new ones within your Dental Practice.

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