Time management is the commitment based on the foundational values in your Dental Practice, which is what we talked about last week. This is a direct reflection of your dental team, cash flow, case acceptance and the type of patients your practice is bringing in! 

Life can be one big distraction… if you let it. If you live life with some purpose and passion, it could look quite different.

Do you start your day with great intentions? Do you wake up and have a plan of attack on scheduling your day? Does that list quickly go to the waste side because you allow yourself to get interrupted by social media or texts or emails? How can you discipline yourself to stay on track?

If you have the time to say, “I don’t have time,” then you have the time to do something about it!


When you make your schedule and follow through, you are committing to a block of time. The next step is to stick to that commitment. If you schedule something for a block of time and commit to it, time management is birthed! When you stay true to time management and do what you say you will do, you are building a strong foundation. Each day is different so treat each day differently yet with the same goals.

What outcome are you looking for each and every day? Know the outcome you are after so you can design the plan that supports it.


What is really important to you? What is the outcome you really want? Are you working off a “to do” list or are you willing to focus on what you really want to accomplish? When was the last time you sat down and not only wrote out what you want to do, but prioritized your list to achieve your outcome? List each task with a time frame. I think you will be presently surprised how little focused time each one takes. Prioritize and focus! Your foundation will build and you will do many wonderful things each and every day!





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