How effectively does your dental office make a first impression on the phone?

This week on our TV Show we discussed two things.  The "R" in the FEAR process and how to make a great first impression with a patient over the phone.

How many dental offices have a plan on how to handle in-bound phone calls?  Here is why I ask that question.  I hear every day from doctors that they are going to put a bunch of money into SEO or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing to bring in new patients.  While I think this can be a good plan, as a stand alone thought I find it to be less effective than most realize.  Here is why I say this.  Have you ever called a dental office other than yours?  You should try it.  In some cases it blows my mind.

Let's back up and examine the process from the beginning.  SEO and PPC are only intended to drive traffic to your dental office website.  How engaged the potential patient is once they get to your site is all about the content on the site.  When a dental patient looks you up on the internet, there is a reason for it.  Does your site offer solutions to a patients problems or just tell them about your office?  Telling potential patients about your office is helpful, but if the solution the patient is looking for doesn't appear to be offered, they will move on to the next search result and the money you spent to get the traffic to your site doesn't result in a new patient.

Your site has to effectively communicate what problems you can solve for a patient as well as many other things to get them to take the next step, first of which is to contact your office.  This is why I asked the question of how does your office answer in-bound phone calls.  If the inbound phone call isn't handled well, it won't matter if your website is awesome.  On our show this week we role played how we would suggest you handle that in-bound call.

I find in business that random behaviors lead to random results, meaning, if you don't have a well thought out plan of how to handle all aspects of your business, that might be why business is up and down.  We need to have a plan in place on how to answer the phone, how to answer pricing questions, insurance questions and treatment questions.  If you have a plan in place for all of these things, you will grow your practice and it will be consistent.

If you would like to have your website analyzed to see how well it will convert a potential patient into a long-term patient, please contact us.  We would also be happy to discuss how effectively your other processes are working for you.

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The "R" in the FEAR Process is, Responsibility.  Too many in life don't accept responsibility for things in their lives.  For example, people will complain that the economy is really tough and that is why their dental practice isn't doing as well as they would like.  While the economy certainly is more difficult than it used to be, if you haven't examined things in the practice such as already mentioned, the economy isn't the sole source of your business challenges.  Take responsibility and improve your business rather than just blame your results on something you can't control.  You can control how effective your website is, how effectively we answer the phone, how effectively we communicate with our patients.  Take back control of your life by taking Responsibility of all that you can control.

Darren Kaberna 

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