Today we discuss how some people in life are always looking for some really large success to just drop in their lives. We believe that more often than not, it isn’t about some huge event, like winning the lottery. Instead, it is all about the small things that you do over a long period of time that create some of the greatest successes. Now to an outsider, the accumulation of these successes over time might appear to be some huge quick success. The reality often is that there were a significant amount of small victories that lead up to what appeared to be a huge success.


This is how we start working with our practices. We don’t come into a practice and turn it upside down on day one. Often, people expect this is how we function. This is why we don’t. Think about a patient that walks into your practice with the complaint that their bite feels off. How would you handle it? Extract all of their teeth to solve it? Hardly!! Instead you examine their bite, listen to what it sounds like and then pull out articulating paper and make some very minor adjustment that solves it. If we walked into your practice and turned it upside down, it would be like extracting all the teeth on that patient. Instead we want to find out what is working first, and then improve on the rest. We start with the small things that you can implement immediately and see quick results. The world is an immediate gratification place, so we know you are expecting to see results fast. Once you start seeing results on the easy stuff, we will then start doing more complex things that are customized to your practice. If we started off complex, you would get frustrated. Isn’t that what most consulting firms do and thus cause a great deal of frustration? The model that dentistry works with is brilliant; we just copied it and are applying it to the business side of dentistry.


Here is the real beauty of our plan. The way incremental revenue works in any business is that you have already paid all of your fixed overhead. What does this mean for you? Your overhead on the growth we will help you get has over-head of less than 15% normally vs. the normal 60% over-head. Not only will we grow you, but you will get to take home the vast majority of this revenue in the form of take-home pay!!!


Extra bonus, as many of you realized, these same principles apply to everyone’s personal lives as well. Using the example of weight loss, if you simply eliminate dessert 5 days a week and exercise for 25 minutes per day, you will reduce your caloric intake by about 200 calories and increase your caloric burn by about 300 calories. What does this mean for you? You will have a net positive impact of about 500 calories per day. If you do this every day for a year, you will lose 50 lbs. You can’t lose 50 lbs in one day or one week. It is the result of doing the small things every day and over time add up to the loss of 50 lbs.


Pay attention to the little things in life and how well you execute on them. The result will be transformational growth, both personally and professionally. None of these things are hard to do, but sadly they are just a little bit easier to not do them. Decide how bad you want it and go for it!!! Success is waiting for you to show up.


Darren Kaberna 

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