We are so busy being BUSY!

What is the cost of being too busy? When did we stop making room for the big things in our life and start allowing the little things to take up our time? Health, exercise, family, vacation, education, community service... is there enough time?

Steven Covey said it best, "have you ever been too busy driving to get gas?".
Even though that might sound funny, it's truer than we might realize!

Living with intentionality means not allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with the little things by prioritizing your life so that you don't get derailed from your plan. Even in our dental offices, we schedule our large cases first then fill in the blanks to fill the day. We use this template to make sure there is enough time at work to see our patients, to care for them and make sure they have everything they need to succeed in their treatment plan. Why don't we use that same template to manage our personal time?

Do your homework, take the time to make a list of things you want to accomplish, categorize them, prioritize them...plan the work, then work the plan! Think about the way you schedule and prioritize activities in your office, the same principles apply! This is a strategy, a framework for your life and for your professional growth as well.

Without intentionality, we forget to schedule the things that really matter in life, we forget to fill our lives with the important things and just allow the little things to take over...nothing changes. Sit down with your spouse or loved ones and set a plan to make time to make life happen instead of life happening to you!

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