How to build good relationships with your dental patients quickly?

If I were to give my overall analysis of Dentistry; I would sum it up by stating that it is definitely a relationship Business.  In order to Develop and Foster those relationships within the Dental Practice; we must be cognizant of our goal.  The Goal of the entire Dental Team must be to offer every Patient a "WOW" experience.  This must be the "Golden Rule" with every patient, every time, without any exception.  Let's look at the opportunities within your Dental Practice to achieve this goal.  The Primary foundation on which you built your practice was to have a "thriving (not just surviving) " patient first practice that promotes overall oral healthcare throughout the patient's lifetime.  One opportunity to accomplish that Patient First goal is communication.  This is a pertinent step for every Team Member.  It typically begins with that first phone call prior to the appointment.  We must "offer that WOW experience " from the beginning.  This imperative time is the initial start of "the patient relationship."  There are many ways within your Dental Practice to continue fostering that first experience.  However, a consistent method within your practice is highly recommended. 

Encourage your entire Dental Team to make patient relationship-building a priority every day!  This will show respect to every relationship as it continues to build trust between the patient and your Dental Practice.  Some very basic strategies for achieving this goal are:  be enthusiastic about every patient experience, Smile!!!, be personable (greet each patient by first name, think of each person as a VIP, show a genuine interest in them, and always demonstrate an "attitude of gratitude."  Most Patients desire a friendly atmosphere, timely appointments, respectful service, and excellence in their Dental Care Experience.  The Dental Team should be mindful of these expectations prior to every patient appointment. This will also develop great relationships amongst your Dental Team.

In order to strengthen the commitment to developing these long lasting relationships a desire to effectively communicate within the practice must be implemented.  There are many ways to enhance this process.  One idea would be to be mindful of these three pertinent factors: relevance, accuracy, and timeliness. Once information is gathered, apply those factors in summarizing the details prior to the patients visit.

Make the choice to establish, build, and retain solid relationships within your Dental Practice.  Improve on listening to each patient when discussing their needs.  Listen to what they want and treat them well.  Give them the intrinsic value they seek from selecting you as their Dentist!  Make it a priority to develop those necessary connections with your patients ahead of your dentistry.  Always deliver quality care above and beyond what their expectations.  Once that relationship of value is fostered they will know you, like you, and trust you. The outcome for you will be increased patient referrals, more satisfied patients, and Growth!

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