How do you differentiate your dental practice and survive in any economy? How do you create raving fan's that can't stop telling family and friends about their experience in your dental practice? AMPs here to tell you the two key points your dental team needs to work together towards to come out on top!

1. Create a vision for your business. What do you want to be known for? Successful practices create their own vision and then follow it. The vision you have for your practice must be something everyone in your practice is completely on board with and working to make it happen. Your vision must be in alignment with the kind of patients you want in your practice as well. Often in our coaching we are told about how intense the competition in dentistry is. The reality is for any organization to grow and thrive they must dwarf their competition and create patient loyalty. The vision you have for your practice should be based on solving a specific problem patients face in a bold way. What can you do that no one else in the industry is doing? How can you create so much value in your practice that your patients can't help but tell everyone about you?

2. Deliver more than you promise. Once you know your vision deliver on your promise and then some. Just meeting patient expectations won't "wow" them. Go above and beyond with your patients, even if it's just a tiny bit. Create a structure that allows everyone in your office to consistently meet and exceed patient expectations. Empower your staff to take the initiative to make decisions that will create loyalty with your patients. Surprise and delight your patients every time and you will create loyal patients that will spread the word.

With and unstable economy and patients having more choices than ever patients are looking for those things that set practices apart. Good patient care and good customer service is not something that will set your practice apart. Patients expect to be treated well and they expect good care. Giving your patients an exceptional patient experience is what the WOW factor is all about. That is how you will create loyalty with your patients and exceptional referral's.